We first need to explain how water freezes in order to better understand how Snomax works. To freeze at cold temperatures, water needs an “impurity” such as dust particles or bacteria to which the crystallizing water molecules can attach. Without this trigger, water starts freezing at a temperature of -40°F/-40°C.

Snomax is mixed with the snow water using an injection system. Each bag contains enough activity for around 100,000 gallons/380,000 liters of water. Thanks to the proteins in Snomax, each water droplet finds a core, so more water becomes snow and less evaporates. Snomax has the highest nucleation temperature in the industry. Whereas other snow inducers can only be used to 20°F/-6.5°C, Snomax works at temperatures of 31°F/-0.6°C and lower humidity.

100.000 gallons

Numerous tests have come to a clear conclusion. In comparison testing, Snomax produced more snow from each gallon of water. Snomax also allows a higher water flow rate, so 40% more snow can be generated overall.

Snomax also makes the snow last longer, reducing the need for “top-up” snow. Snow produced using Snomax has a higher melting point and is more resilient because it has stronger ionic bonds and a smaller crystal structure.

In summary

Water that contains Snomax freezes faster and more evenly, and lasts longer. The result is 40% more snow and better snow quality. The snow lasts longer and is easier to handle. That means positive results for your wallet and the environment.