For ease of use Snomax offers fully automatic injection systems in various sizes.

Injection systems

Snomax is available in three different fully-automatic injection systems to produce a perfect and easy mixture of the product. Regardless of whether it is a small family resort or a major ski circuit, there is a suitable injection system for every snow-maker. A metering pump is used to add Snomax to the snow water. A centrifugal pump guarantees the uniform and constant mixing of the Snomax solution. Installation and maintenance is simple for all systems.

HW300 injection system

P800 injection system

SW1200 injection system

Pump unit

In addition to the injection systems, there is also the P200 pump unit. It is extremely efficient and used as a bypass for existing injection pumps. The unit consists of a basket filter, a P200 injector and a Vacon frequency converter for easy pump adjustment. Its small size (76.2 cm x 76.2 cm) means the P200 is easy to transport, install and maintain.

P200 pump skid

Additional equipment

To further improvee the efficiency of the injection systems and to optimize the injection rate of Snomax, it is possible to add a flowmeter on the snowmaking system. Snomax is using the BE6300 series transit-time clamp-on flowmeter. It is simple and easy to install. The signal of the flowmeter will be sent directly to the injection system that will adjust accordingly to the water flow.