Snomax makes all the difference!

The adverse weather conditions that ski resort operators have been experiencing for the last few winter seasons call for the highest level of efficiency in snow production. Marginal temperatures, extreme fluctuations, rain and thaw events… snowmaking can be very difficult! Nonetheless, ski resorts strive to create optimum conditions for their customers in order to secure current and future business opportunities.

When it comes to snowmaking efficiency, Snomax offers a simple solution that is easy to add to any snowmaking system. Using Snomax in 100% of your snowmaking water will make an undeniable difference, particularly when weather conditions are erratic and difficult. Adding Snomax to your arsenal greatly increases the conversion from water into skiable snow using less energy while producing a better-quality snow that will last longer on the slopes.

Take it from the snowmakers themselves. Mike Hale, Snowmaking Manager at Andes Tower Hills says, “Snomax makes a night and day difference in overall snow production and snow quality. We have had a lot of rain and 50°F degree weather this season. The snow we make with Snomax holds up very well to freeze and thaw events and has kept us open all season. The snow does not melt nearly as quick and has done a good job keeping snow on our hill. I have literally seen snow guns spraying clouds of rain change to white plumes of dry snow the moment Snomax reached the nozzles. I couldn’t be happier with the snow we make with Snomax. The skiers, snowboarders and tubers at Andes Tower Hills agree."

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