Positive outlook for the season

Snomax has just finished a very successful “Fill the freezer” campaign, where we talked to almost every ski area in North America over the last few weeks.

Besides having a better than normal level of Snomax preseason sales, what we overwhelmingly heard from our customer base was, they are planning to for a great skiing season this year with more of their customers being creative by tailgating in the parking lots or eating outside in greater numbers than ever before but still coming out to ski.

Season pass sales have been running high as people are looking for things they can do outside the home but remain safe while fitting in some exercise.

Another positive indicator that points to good feelings about the coming ski season; Ski areas with a previous history of summer mountain biking reported that they saw an almost four-fold increase in mountain bikers looking for ways to be socially distant while enjoy the great outdoors.

Snomax is happy to share the news that came out of an informal poll from Snomax staff, talking with our friends and business partners as a sign of good indicators for the season ahead.

At the international level, Snomax is also very proud to announce that a significant contract with one of venues for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has been secured.

Keep safe, stay active, and be healthy as we all try to find our way to a positive end to a COVID ski season.