New packaging

New eco-friendly and practical packaging

This winter Snomax will be brought to you in entirely new packaging. We have taken customer feedback on board and made the product easier to use. The new packaging is lighter and more environmentally friendly but it still holds the same quantity.

The new tear notch is really practical when opening the packet. There is no longer any need to fetch a pair of scissors or a knife. It is easy to reseal the packet with the new integrated zip fastener, and this helps keep the product fresh even after the packet has been opened. What is more, the pack has been designed to stand up on its own in order to make light work of refills.

The right mixing ratio is the key to optimizing the efficiency of Snomax. Therefore, the table containing the mixing proportion information has been simplified in the new layout. It is now printed clearly on every bag.

The packaging material is also new. It is made of 25% recycled materials and can now also be recycled. The new packaging material is also lighter which, in turn, reduces transport costs.

The changes all fit in with Snomax’s new image. The updated website and company profile have brought Snomax in line with modern-day standards.

We look forward to receiving your feedback.