Injection systems’ ready for the season

The production and assembly of the injection systems for Snomax® has started few weeks ago in Denver! These state-of-the-art systems must be ready on-time so that snowmaking crews can start to pump Snomax® and take the quality of their snow production to the next level.

Already, several HW250 units (250 l of tank capacity) and pumps skids have been produced for the coming season. Some of these units have already reached their final destinations and the other will soon be shipped to mountain sites.

Snomax offers 3 types of injection systems and 1 pump skid. The injection systems range from 250l, 800l to 1200l tank capacity, depending on the snowmaking water volume to be processed. Everything is integrated into the system: tank, injection pump, mixing pump, electrical and control cabinet for easy and efficient operations. In addition to these 3 models, there’s the P200 pump skid, which allows to by-pass existing injection pump.

For more information, please contact your Snomax sales representative.