Best practices to keep a clean injection system for next season!

Are you sure you have taken the necessary steps to preserve your injection system while you are not making snow until the next snowmaking season?!

If you want your injection system to run efficiently when you start again next season, Snomax® recommends to follow some simple steps below when shutting it down for the summer.

01 With the drain lines open and the screen removed from the Y strainer, hose out any mud, silt or other foreign material in the tank.

02 Scrub down the inside of the tank with a hard bristle brush and some “Simple Green” biodegradable spray cleaner.

03 With the drain still open, flush the remaining solids and the biodegradable cleaner out of the tank and close the drain line. Reinstall a cleaned screen into
the Y strainer.

04 Fill the tank with a 10% bleach solution and run the mix pump and injection pump at 100% flow until the tank is empty.

05 Fill the tank with fresh water and run the injection pump and mix pump until it’s empty again.

06 Pull the drain plugs on the mix pump to remove any water in the volute and
then reinstall them.

07 Fill the grease cup on the mix pump until you can see the rubber plunger is even with the red line on the grease cup. Snomax® recommends using a food
grade biodegradable grease when filling the grease cup.

08 Drain and replace the injection pump oil.

09 Close the isolation valve on the calibration tube, and with the pump running, pour two gallons of biodegradable camper antifreeze down the calibration tube.

10 Keep the pump running until you just see the last of the antifreeze disappearing from the calibration tube, and stop the pump before it runs dry!

11 Close all the drain lines and close the lid on the tank to keep mice and other pests from entering the tank in the off-season.

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