Summer storage

When the season ends, it is important to prepare your Snomax system for the long summer months. If the injection system is properly cleaned and serviced, it will start without any problem the following winter.

We have prepared a checklist to see your system through the summer break, see below or download here.


Open the drain lines and remove the filter. Use a strong water jet to remove mud and other material from the tank.



Use a coarse brush and a biodegradable detergent to scrub the tank.

Still with the drain lines open, rinse out the remaining material and residues from the cleaner. Reinsert the cleaned filter.



Fill the tank with 10% bleach and start the mixer and injection pumps. Let both run at full power until the tank is empty.

Fill the tank with clean water and allow the mixer and injection pumps to run until the tank is empty.



Open the stopcocks on the mixer pump and allow any water to drain out, then close them again.

Fill the grease nipple on the mixer pump until the grease reaches the red line. Snomax recommends using a biodegradable grease.



Change the oil in the injector pump.

Close the shut-off valve on the calibration pipe. Start the pump and pour 7.5 liters of biodegradable antifreeze into the calibration pipe.



Keep the pump going while the antifreeze flows out of the pipe but stop the pump just before it runs dry.

Close all drain lines and the tank cover to deter pests.



You can leave the antifreeze in the line until the start of the next season. This will protect the lines in the event of unexpected frost days.

Never leave the bleach more than 12 hours in contact with steel or aluminum. Longer contact could lead to serious damage.